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Mosaics require a disciplined approach to design because of the restricted palette and fragmented imagery. Once this is fully appreciated and achieved, one can glory in the textures and pattern this medium can accomplish.

The mosaics shown are commissioned public art or small sample pieces. There is a single page for each individual work with a description and additional images. These can be seen by clicking the ‘First Mosaic’ button which will begin a consecutive page sequence. Alternatively, you can click the thumbnail images. Information about commissioning public art projects can be accessed through the ‘Buying Art’ button.

Nicholas Robertson and Tim Turton mosaic_Errant Charges
Nicholas Robertson and Tim Turton mosaic_Life seasons
Nicholas Robertson and Tim Turton mosaic_Oyster Catcher sampler
Tim Turton mosaic_William
Nicholas Robertson mosaic_Scent of a Rose sampler
Nicholas Robertson mosaic_Convolvulus sampler
Tim Turton mosaic_Lilies
Tim Turton mosaic_Single Fish sampler
Nicholas Robertson mosaic_Seashore sampler